Respecting our Elders: Where’s that gotten us?

Inheritance is a cheeky and stylish comedy adventure for teens, set in a world that is crumbling at the edges. Berberis, an outcast farmgirl, and Celan, the headstrong scion of a forgotten dynasty, chase a stupid idea into the heart of corruption.

Their adventure will force them to re-assess their birthrights, and accept that the old world must die, and it’s their job to make that happen.

Cave interior, grey tones. Bushes and trees with dark pink blossoms. 
                Berberis (a large purple woman in ripped overalls) looking at a glowing bauble. 
                Celan (a young blonde noble) tied upside down to a large stake.

Luminous youth in a rusty world

The first season of Inheritance comprises 8x30 minute episodes covering the meeting and subsequent even worse luck of our two heroes: Celan, an obsessive chancer with dollar signs in his eyes, and Berberis, who reckons politics doesn’t affect her. Spoiler: the season climax will disavow her of that misapprehension.

Meanwhile, the world dries and cracks around them, robbed of its very life force by a king who can’t let go of the past, and his chief-of-staff, a robot-shaped disappointment of a woman whose idealism has gradually been colonised by murderous pragmatism and black depression. Oh yeah; also it’s a comedy.

Inheritance will delight audiences 10-adult. For a full pitch bible including more detail about the characters and story of Inheritance, reach out to us using the contact form.

Berberis (a large purple woman in ripped overalls) looking angry and running to the right, Celan (a young blonde noble) looking shocked, holding onto her arm and pointing to the left
Open ruins exterior, once perhaps a church. 
            A crow looks down from above. 
            A group of people carry Celan (still tied to his stake) 
            through the center of the ruined room.

Bringing it all to life

Scott Edgar

Scott is well known in Australia as a comedian and musician, and has worked extensively in games and animation as a writer, actor and artist. Clients include the Cartoon Network, Ubisoft and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

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A being made of cyan cogs within a wispy grey form, wearing grey angular armour and holding a grey staff with a cyan gem set in the end